Pizzanista! is thrilled to be featured on VICE’s Munchies: Chef’s Night Out.

“You often hear people lament that you can’t get a good slice of pizza in LA—and for the most part, that’s true. Except in the case of Pizzanista!…”

“In this episode of Chef’s Night Out, we follow Salman and Price for a night out in LA as they hit up some of their favorite local spots. First, we head to Roy Choi’s new restaurant Commissary at the Line Hotel, where the group sips on drinks and chows down on some interesting vegetables described as “carrots that taste like hot dogs.” Then it’s off to Ruen Pair for the papaya salad that Salman swears by. Our last stop is Monty Bar for drinks, and then it’s back to Pizzanista!, where Price celebrates her birthday by cooking up a stinging nettle pizza for their friends.”